Health and Wellness

Welcome to your healthy life

As a Wellness and Health Coach, I am dedicated to assist and support people to discover wellness and help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes.

I love guiding and encouraging my clients to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced lifestyle. Through a personalized health scheme that integrates and honors the body, mind, environmental and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life.

My programs combine traditional theories such as Chinese medicine, Macrobiotic diet, Ayurveda, with the ever-evolving wisdom of wellness in the true spirit of Holistic Health.

Through a holistic approach, I help my clients address the cause of their problems, to find healthy, sustainable ways to manage it. Together we work in partnership to achieve a lifestyle that is fulfilling, balanced, nourished and above wholesome.

“The human body is the universe in miniature. That which can not be found in the body is not found in the universe. Hence the philosopher’s formula, that the universe within reflects the universe without. It follows therefore that our knowledge of our body could be perfect we would know the universe.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Food alone does not make you healthy

Being healthy is really about the cumulative effect of all the small decisions we make every day. It is about the choices we make when we buy groceries, the words we speak to our co-workers, loved ones, and peers, our perspective on the world, and what we choose to focus our time, energy, and thoughts.

Food alone does not make you healthy. But when you make health a priority by turning it into a lifestyle rather than a chore – thinking big picture and long-term – it becomes a lot easier to maintain because healthy living becomes a part of who we are.

As a health coach, it is my job to support you to overcome a wide range of problems, from food allergies and weight loss to fears, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. You will learn to develop healthy coping techniques that meet your specific needs.

In order o be healthy we need to understand that the effect of pain on your relationships, careers, and spirituality is just as important to your health as diet and exercise. As a health and wellness coach, I will help you mindfully observe your thoughts and feelings so that you can consciously make healthy choices that support your whole self.